Run Your Own Race

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This past week I interviewed two authors for my YouTube channel.One of them once wrote 30 000 words in one weekend and he has 11 published books. 

It was a jaw-dropping moment for me. My immediate reaction was that I felt such an underachiever. I just finished the last chapter of my third book on Friday and on my most productive day ever, I can manage 5000 words.But then I realised that while we should have mentors and people who challenge us to live to a higher standard, everyone has to run in their own lane. 

When you are in a race, you can’t cross over into someone else’s lane. You need to stay focused on who you are and what your purpose is. While I can learn from this author, I can’t compare my journey to a writer who published his first book four years ahead of me and whose life is very different from mine.

In my series, the Chronicles of Nadine, Lady Christine has a different battle to fight to her companion Beatrice. King Radolf murdered Lady Christine’s parents, and so she must find courage after living in hiding for many years. She was born a Princess but abandoned her identity to live in harmony with her husband. When she has a chance meeting with a former Lord from her kingdom, he challenges her to reclaim her heritage.

Beatrice is Lady Christine’s protector and companion. Beatrice is the only known Contron female warrior. Her father raised her in a time when Contron’s merely raped women during raids and moved on, leaving the women to raise the children themselves. Beatrice’s father claimed the child after her mother died.The Controns were one of the most ruthless warrior tribes. Beatrice’s father concealed her gender to keep her safe, and so she could train as a warrior. After they discovered her gender, his clan drowned him in the bog for stopping her from being claimed by one tribesman. In their clan, no man had the right to stop a woman from being claimed. Beatrice escaped to a female warrior clan to complete her training.

While both women lost their fathers, comparing Lady Christine’s progress and inner battles to Beatrice would be absurd. Yet, in our own lives, we look at someone else’s outcome and get discouraged. The better way is to see what we can learn from those around us and see which elements we can apply in our own lives.In the series, Lady Christine relies on Beatrice’s’ experience to enhance her life and help her prepare. Beatrice has found a home and purpose through Lady Christine. 

Neither woman is envious of the other. They know who and what they are, and their relationship brings balance in the land.I hope you find the courage to build relationships that grow you without you having to run in someone else lane.