Can you really just get over it?

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Have you ever met someone who has told you to “just get over it?” 

Sometimes this is easier said than done. We all face our own challenges. No one set of people has the same circumstances, but sometimes journeying with others who are facing challenges and who overcome them can encourage us. 

I know that when I was a teenager; I found my courage through books. I did not find courage through people overcoming small trials, rather, I found courage when reading about people who overcame massive trials. My mother used to tell me that if we all threw our problems in a hat, we would probably want to take our own troubles back out again when we compared our problems to others. While I do not believe that it is true in all circumstances, I know that no one can fully understand my personal trials. However, I can learn of people who have overcome similar trials or can bring a fresh perspective to me.

This week I released my Novella. This Prequel Novella deals with the nastier side of King Radolf that we only hint at in books 1 and 2, of my medieval fantasy book series, the Chronicles of Nadine. My decision to write this book was because I had a couple of readers who commented about Lady Christine being fearful of King Radolf. While some people wonder why I have a Novella that is far more intense than books 1 and 2, it is because life is not always pretty and the best success stories come from overcoming severe trials.

Ultimately, these books are the type of gift that I got when I read books as a younger person. I found courage through them. But we can not fully appreciate what courage really looks like unless we understand the back story within which characters find themselves.

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